Krimelte Tempsi


Krimelte Tempsi is a manufacturer of wide range of cement-bonded particle facade panels and element houses. Company is well known for its great knowledge in the field of creating durable and energy-efficient facade systems.

Company was founded in 1997, when it first started manufacturing natural stone gravel coated facade panels. For the excellent quality Tempsi quickly rose to be the standard in the field of manufacturing facade panels in Estonia.

As a continuously growing enterprise, Krimelte Tempsi has constantly broadened its product assortment and is now also a manufacturer of element houses exporting to more than 10 different countries.

2008. Tempsi was merged into Wolf Group - an international brand uniting the domestic and international production and sales divisions of Krimelte, Europe’s leading manufacturer of construction chemicals and materials. All the companies in the Wolf Group share the same values, which guarantees high-quality products and fluent cooperation. Whenever our customers purchase products with the Wolf Group logo, they are guaranteed to receive globally recognized quality. Wolf Group has sales divisions all over europe and products are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide.